About Us

Vanquish IPS – Helping organisations to manage their resources and improve their productivity.

Vanquish Integrated People Solutions is one of the UK’s leading developers of advanced workforce management solutions which help organisations to optimise their business performance through the efficient management of their workforce.

Over 5000 organisations of all sizes and sectors including Construction, Contract Cleaning, Recruitment, Retail, Logistics and Hospitality & Leisure rely on the company’s experience and expertise to support their management needs.

Vanquish-IPS’s product offering has evolved significantly from its beginnings in 1977 as a supplier of traditional mechanical clocks to the manufacturing industry.

Driven by a changing working culture in the UK, which has seen rigid 9-5 working hours replaced by shift patterns and increased flexibility in how and where employees carry out their working role, Vanquish is now a leading developer of cloud-based workforce solutions that provide organisations with the tools they need to control labour costs, increase their efficiency, and minimise their compliance risk in today’s business environment.

Over the years we have developed Vanquish in close collaboration with our customers to overcome industry specific management challenges.

This means no more trying to force fit a solution to meet your needs, Vanquish is ready to deliver immediate results, with tried and tested features that will make managing your workforce a total breeze.

Vanquish is highly flexible, capable of capturing attendance data from a number of different guises including biometric terminals, PCs, smartphones and tablets in order to unify the management of all employees across the organisation in a single solution.

Intuitive and easy to use, Vanquish will then It then presents the data as meaningful analytics which managers can leverage to make informed decisions data, consistently apply working rules and confidently manage complex shift patterns and diverse workforces, including temporary workers, mobile workers, remote locations and flexible working practices.