Demolition & Recycling International (Jan – Feb issue) “Who’s on your site?”

We’re featured in the Jan / Feb 2017 issue of Demolition & Recycling International. Staffing levels on demolition projects can be tough to keep track of – particularly on jobs including fluctuating numbers of full time and temporary workers. Greater London Demolition has found a solution with a biometric system from Vanquish-IPS.   Related links… Read more »

Case Study – Greater London Demolition improves site visibility with Vanquish

Greater London Demolition, one of the South East’s leading demolition contractors, has taken significant steps to safeguard its workforce on remote sites by scaling up its biometric workforce management system from Vanquish Integrated People Solutions. The demolition and waste recycling contractor, based in Enfield, has actively used a biometric system installed by Vanquish-IPS for the… Read more »

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Tomorrow’s Cleaning (Jan 2017) – “Integration, Integration, Integration”

We’re featured in the January 2017 issue of Tomorrow’s Cleaning Even though the workforce accounts for every cleaning contractor’s largest expense, the value of workforce management data often goes unnoticed. Not any more, however. Developments in workforce management software and cloud integration means contractors can unlock the value from their workforce data to drive business… Read more »

Cleaning & Maintenance (Dec 2016) – “Integration Streamlines Core Processes”

We’re featured in the Dec 2016 issue of Cleaning & Maintenance magazine. In the current issue of Cleaning & Maintenance, Vanquish-IPS Software Developer, Matt Hawkes and Managing Director Nick Whiteley explain how the development of a new API platform is helping cleaning contractors to seamlessly integrate Vanquish with third party software without the need for further data… Read more »

Vanquish enhances third party integration with launch of API

Real-time API integration to help organisations streamline core processes to deliver total visibility of their performance Vanquish Integrated People Solutions has added a new robust Application Programming Interface (API) integration platform to its market leading workforce management software. Vanquish Integrated Console (VIC) is a cloud-based plug-in application, which can be instructed to send, receive and synchronise data,… Read more »


Landmark UBER ruling casts doubts on ‘Gig’ model

The decision by an employment tribunal last week to classify UBER drivers as employees rather than self-employed contractors raises serious questions about the longevity of the ‘gig’ business model. The landmark ruling means UBER drivers are entitled to receive basic rights such as the national minimum wage, holiday and sick pay plus rest breaks. The… Read more »

We’re featured in the October 2016 issue of Payroll World

In the current issue of Payroll World our Managing Director Nick Whiteley explains how established and emerging cutting edge technologies are affecting the payroll industry. In particular, he discusses how developments in areas such as software functionality, wearable technology and cloud hosting are enhancing the capability of workforce management solutions and providing new opportunities to engage with… Read more »


Top Tips for managing Winter absences – Download our FREE Guide

Winter presents significant management challenges for employers as the combination of seasonal illness, adverse weather and last-minute holiday requests create an upsurge in Winter absences. Staff absences can have a profound impact on your staffing levels, productivity, profitability and morale. The average cost of each absence is £554 per employee, according to the CIPD. This comprises the… Read more »

Commission holiday pay

Commission holiday pay ruling to create administration headache

A landmark employment tribunal ruling has placed extra pressure on organisations to maintain accurate holiday pay calculations. From now on, employee holiday pay must take into account both their basic salary, plus any results-based commission and overtime they would have earned. The case between Mr Lock and British Gas was brought before an employment tribunal… Read more »

Christmas temporary staff

Time to prepare for Christmas temporary staff

Employment agencies need to plan early to ensure they are ready to cope with the  influx of Christmas temporary staff. Christmas represents the busiest recruitment drive of the year as companies.Industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, retail and logistics, look to increase their workforce to deal with seasonal variations. Retailer John Lewis is already advertising for… Read more »

The National Minimum Wage is changing

From 1st October 2016 a new National Minimum Wage for workers aged 25 and under is coming into force. Under the new regulations pay periods beginning on or after that date must reflect the following pay rates.  £6.95 per hour – 21 – 24 yrs old  £5.55 per hour – 18 – 20 yrs old… Read more »

Vanquish Olympics absence

Olympics absences to hit businesses?

Vanquish Integrated People Solutions is urging organisations to engage with their workforce and consider introducing flexible measures to discourage ‘sickies’ during the Rio Olympics. The four hour time difference means that many of the Olympics’ biggest events are scheduled to take place during normal working hours and early hours of the morning, tempting employees to… Read more »

Vanquish Rio 2016

Is your business ready for Rio 2016?

A four hour time difference means many gold medal events at the Rio 2016 Olympics will not air on UK TV until the small hours of the morning, tempting employees to skip work or stay up late to watch the action. As a result your business is more likely to suffer from – Last minute… Read more »

i2r Packaging Solutions streamlines payroll process with Vanquish

i2r Packaging Solutions has invested in a real-time Biometric Time & Attendance system from Vanquish Integrated People Solutions to create a fully automated payroll process and reduce the amount of administration time involved. For several years the Shropshire based food packaging specialist had to rely on a manual system to carry out the payroll for… Read more »

zero hours

Zero-hours contract holiday pay calculations made easy with Work & Accrue

We’re pleased to announce that we have introduced a new formula Vanquish to support organisations accurately calculate zero-hours contract holiday pay calculations. The new Work & Accrue holiday function automates the complex calculation process to help organisations enforce regulatory compliance and maintain an accurate payroll process. Holiday pay admin burden Zero-hours contracts are popular in industries such… Read more »

Cleaning matters

We’re featured in the July 16 issue of Cleaning Matters

Invest for long-term success: choosing the right workforce management solution for the cleaning sector Workforce Management systems deliver business benefits to cleaning contractors beyond traditional time and attendance applications. But choosing the right system in a market saturated with solutions isn’t easy. Christian Berenger, Operations Director at Vanquish Integrated People Solutions offers his advice and… Read more »

Cleaning & Maintenance June 2016 – “Building More Profitable Contracts”

Cleaning contractors can gain a true insight into the cost of delivering their services with the latest release of leading edge workforce management solution Vanquish. Developed specifically to address the needs of modern cleaning contractors, Vanquish is the first workforce management system on the market to provide contractors with both an employee and contract view… Read more »


Visitor Management – the final piece in the security puzzle?

Christian Berenger Operations Director at Vanquish Integrated People Solutions leads the calls for Visitor Management solutions. He talks to Qube Facilities Management Magazine in the June 2016 issue and warns organisations that they risk compromising security by failing to sufficiently monitor and limit access to visitors. Ask facilities managers about what security solutions they have in place at their buildings… Read more »

Time & Attendance key to offsetting Living Wage payroll increase

Transparency of workforce activity and costs delivered by Time & Attendance software can help organisations counteract the impact of the new National Living Wage. The new National Living Wage which became compulsory in the UK from April means organisations are now obliged to pay worker aged 25 and over at least £7.20 per hour, with… Read more »

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Living Wage is here!

Already noticed the payroll increase? Reduce the impact of the Living Wage now with a Time & Attendance system   How will the Living Wage impact your payroll? The Living Wage is expected to cost organisations £600 a year more per employee! Relying on manual timesheets means you’re probably paying more than you should be. Control your… Read more »