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Doosan Babcock turns to Vanquish to optimise the management of its workforce.


Energy services company Doosan Babcock has reaped the benefits of deploying an automated biometric time and attendance system to streamline the management of its UK workforce.

The company took the decision to introduce a biometric solution in a bid to centralise the management of its 2500 staff members and overcome the complexity of managing its sites across the UK. Prior to the introduction of Vanquish from Auto Time Solutions, the HR department at Doosan Babcock had to manually collate Excel spreadsheets and calculate clock cards.

Staff were required to add up all the hours that employees had worked and calculate any deductions in preparation for the payroll process.

The considerable time delay between when attendance was reported and when the information was accessible to managers, made it difficult to respond quickly to absences and anticipate possible labour shortages.

With Vanquish, staff now register their attendance by placing their hand on a biometric handscan terminal, which verifies their presence in seconds. Once clocked in the data is automatically uploaded to a central database, from which managers can instantly monitor the attendance of its staff across every site.

By capturing accurate time and attendance data of its entire workforce this has helped Doosan Babcock gain an instant picture of staff working hours and improve the accuracy of the payroll process by removing the possibility of miscalculations and errors. The system allows staff to record personal information such as contact details, holiday requests and authorised absences within the software, so that managers can accurately co-ordinate staff schedules and proactively manage staff absences.

As well as facilitating the management of staff attendance, the software also directly integrates with Doosan’s site control system, 4site. This provides the company with a detailed analysis of the man-hours for each project and enables them to estimate the future labour costs for each contract more accurately.

The scalable nature of the software has also enabled Doosan Babcock to roll out the system across the company’s entire network of sites and provides Doosan Babcock with the flexibility to accommodate future growth.

Tony Walker, Site Services Manager at Doosan Babcock, says: “The solution provided by Auto Time provides excellent visibility of our workforce. It gives us a clear picture of where the company stands in terms of employee attendance, production costs, real-time payroll costs, employee schedules and holiday balances.

“Instead of having to go through reams of clock cards and spreadsheets, management have instant access to accurate and relevant information at the click of a button.”


Doosan Babcock


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