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In the current issue of Construction Plant News, Operations Director Christian Berenger discusses the latest development phase of Vanquish and its impact on the industry.


A People Business

Vanquish Integrated People Solution is leading the way developing advanced workforce management solutions for the construction industry. Operations Director, Christian Berenger, discusses the latest development phase of Vanquish and its impact on the industry.

Can you provide an overview of Vanquish and its functionality?

Vanquish is a powerful workforce management solution that automates and integrates employee-centric business functions, such as Time & Attendance, HR, Rostering, Job Costing and Access Control to provide contractors with a holistic view of what’s happening at plant level.

The system is highly flexible in the way it captures data from multiple guises – including biometric terminals and telephony applications.

It then presents the data as meaningful analytics in real-time which managers can leverage to make informed decisions that will improve project delivery and cost control.

For instance, they can instantly verify who’s on site in what roles, where they are and what time they arrived and left site.

By collating the actual hours worked on site contractors can consistently attribute the correct pay rates. From a costing perspective this enables them to validate project costs as work is completed and analyse projected costs against actuals so they can ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.

With greater insight into the current status of projects managers can accurately forecast their workflow and ensure they have the most appropriate workers, with the right skills and certifications, needed to carry out the scheduled work.

If a particular job is falling behind schedule managers can make necessary adjustments and re-allocate their resource to help bring it back on track and to budget.

Auditable records means contractors are better equipped to demonstrate proof of compliance to health & safety and employment regulations.

It’s a critical tool that every contractor can utilise to gain visibility of their operations and enhance their competitive edge.

How does Vanquish help contractors meet their Health & Safety obligations?

Vanquish helps contractors safeguard the wellbeing of their workforce by verifying their attendance and alleviating potential risks by validating employee skillsets.

It can align staff clocking profiles with their CSCS accreditation smartcards so that the cards can be used to grant or deny access to sites. This provides assurances that only fully accredited workers with the relevant CSCS credentials and permissions are on site at all times.

Toolbox Talks and briefing meetings can also be scheduled and recorded in the systems so the contractor can create an array of briefing meetings depending on the project, with workers required to register their attendance at those meetings as well as their arrival on site.

If a worker fails to attend a meeting for site risks, health and safety challenges, risk assessments, it flags up alerts in the software to say who hasn’t attended the briefing meetings and for which task.

By assigning critical site information site critical information to employee records, managers can gain assurances that their workers are fully informed of what needs to be done on site that day, week or for a particular element of work.

How does Vanquish cope with the remote nature of the industry?

Construction sites are traditionally temporary workplaces so we don’t always have the luxury of having an IT network in place.

Vanquish overcomes this by capturing data using 3G technology and transferring it to the software without the need for a network infrastructure. Managers can access the data from any web-enabled device so they can carry out administration duties on the move, from any location. We call this ‘Vanquish Anywhere’.

It’s a fully ‘virtualised’ system and isn’t to be mistaken as a cloud solution. This is because when managers login to Vanquish remotely they are accessing the data stored securely at our Tier 3 data centre. This was a strategic decision made by us due to the sensitivity of the data held.

What has driven the development of Vanquish in the construction sector?

Our customers are actively involved in the development of Vanquish. The great thing about Vanquish is that it is highly customisable and constantly evolving as the industry it changes.

Every 3-6 months we invite our clients to attend a forum during which we gather feedback about the current management issues they are facing. We then build this into the development roadmap of the software and come up with a solution ready for the next release.

By working closely in collaboration with our customers we ensure Vanquish continues to evolve and delivers what the industry requires. This means when contractors invest in Vanquish they are investing in a system that is ready to deliver immediate value to their business.


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