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It appears that most workers return to work from their holidays to face a huge workload, making them more stressed than before they went away.

A study of 2000 workers by health insurer BUPA revealed that nearly-half (44%) of respondents dreaded returning to work as they were likely to face an increase in workload.

Over-half (54%) said they expected to return from their break to face a full email inbox whilst a third (32%) said they couldn’t relax on holiday because they feared receiving calls from work.

Relax and unwind

With most workers now facing a long slog to their next holiday over the Christmas period, BUPA is highlighting the fact that workers need genuine time to relax and switch off from the pressures of work.

Dr Tim Woodman, Medical Director at BUPA said: “Practical steps must be taken to ensure staff are not inadvertently overloaded with work and remain productive and motivated. Line managers should map out resources and annual leave effectively, and monitor stress levels by planning in regular one-to-ones with team members around holidays.

“Employees must be allowed to take their full annual leave entitlement and for that time-off to be a genuine break from work. It’s vital to maintain a healthy work-life balance and focus on family and relationships, uninterrupted by calls and emails.”

Absence Management

Investing in a modern time and attendance software solution can help organisations to efficiently manage staff absences and holiday allocations.

The latest solutions offer absence management features that enable managers to plan future workflow around absence requests in order to maintain productivity levels whilst workers are on holiday.

Effective planning of staff absences enables managers to manage future workloads with greater precision. This negates the need to contact workers whilst they are away, so they can relax and enjoy their well-earned break, meaning they are less likely to be stressed on their return face a backlog of work.

The latest software solutions also empower staff to monitor their holiday entitlements, check holiday balances and request future absences for approval.

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