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Research by Canada Life Group Insurance has revealed that one in five UK workers did not use all of their paid holiday entitlement in 2014.

Reasons why employees didn’t use their full holiday entitlement included –

Staffing issues – 15%

Poor planning – 16%

Organisation actively discouraging workers from taking time off – 5%

The study also revealed that nearly all workers (89%) attend work while ill.

Worryingly, more than a third (36%) of respondents felt that their employer puts profits before their wellbeing, while only 9% stated that health and wellbeing was the top concern at their organisation.

Support employee work/life balance

Paul Avis, marketing director of Canada Group Life Insurance, highlighted the need for organisations to support the work/life balance of employees.

He points to the fact that employees typically return from their holidays feeling refreshed and are subsequently more productive in their role for having a break from the pressure of work.

Avis also argues that failing to promote staff wellbeing can negatively impact staff morale and job satisfaction, resulting in increased staff turnover at a time when industries are experiencing key skills shortages.

Earlier this year research by employment specialist Reed found that the average worker uses up 22 days of their average 25 days allocated allowance.

Simplified booking system

Cloud-based workforce management solutions simplify the planning and management of employee holiday entitlements by creating a centralised database of up-to-date staff records.

Holiday entitlements can be applied to each employee manually or formulas configured to calculate entitlements’ either pro-rata’d against hours worked for new workers or on a rising scale based upon length of service.

Using the self-service portal employees can access their records at anytime, check which days off have been requested by colleagues and make advanced holiday requests direct to their line managers for approval.

Once time off is booked, the employee entitlement is automatically updated.

Facilitate communication

By facilitating staff to communicate with their manager and make pre-booked absences via the system, this helps to minimise the possibility of trying to ‘use up’ their annual leave at the end of the year.

Better still, a more transparent and efficient system prevents people from pulling sickies for fear of how their employer will react.

Insights into authorised absences enable managers to look ahead, plan future staffing levels with greater accuracy and prevent shortages.

Alerts can be configured to highlight to managers which employees are building up large amounts of unused leave so they can encourage them to use some of their leave balance.

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