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Organisations should turn to flexible working practices to support the UK’s ageing workforce.

Research from MetLife Employee Benefits has revealed employers’ concerns that most of their staff would struggle to continue in their current roles past the traditional retirement age.

The study found that 31% of HR Directors thought that their current workforce would not be able to perform their jobs adequately once they reach normal retirement ages despite more employees than ever working longer.

The biggest concern surrounding an ageing workforce amongst those questioned was a potential rise in absence, with 10% believing older workers are more likely to take time off whilst 6% thought career progression and future recruitment would be more difficult.

MetLife UK employee benefits director Tom Gaynor said: “Older workers have a tremendous amount to offer and shouldn’t be seen as a problem but as a solution to many workplace challenges.”

Flexibility the key?

As the demographic of the UK workforce continues to change employers will be put under pressure to find roles for older workers.

Many organisations may turn to flexible working or homeworking practices to support their ageing workforce.

Allowing employees to work in a way that suits their lifestyle enables them to strike a better work-life balance, resulting in them being more engaged in their work which enhances their overall productivity.

Modern time and attendance systems can support organisations looking to introduce and manage their flexible working patterns.

Today’s web-based systems support flexible working patterns by enabling workers to register their attendance using a variety of data capture terminals that can be configured to office based, remote or homeworking environments.

This enables managers to gain a complete overview of their entire workforce, manage absences and late clockings instantly and improve their engagement with workers regardless of their locations.

The latest systems also offer self-service functions that empower workers to manage their own working time, access their own personal profiles and make holiday requests for approval.

The UK workforce isn’t getting any younger and organisations need to find ways to support an older workforce. Perhaps flexible working is the key!?

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