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One in three workers in the UK would prefer to receive extra holidays from their employers rather than a pay rise, according to new research by Expedia.

A survey of almost 8,000 adults in 24 countries found that workers in Britain and Europe enjoy more holiday time than workers in the Asia Pacific region and North America.

Two-thirds of those questioned revealed that that the promise of extra time off would even encourage them to switch employers.

Workers in South Korea took only seven of 15 available days in the past year.

Andy Washington, of, said: ‘While habits differ, the emotional impact of holiday does not.

‘Somewhere between 80 per cent and 90 per cent of people worldwide say that holidays make them feel happier, better rested, closer to their family, less stressed and more relaxed.’

Holiday administration through Integration

An integrated time and attendance system can support employers with the administration of staff absences and holidays, especially during the summer months and Christmas when they are likely to receive most requests for time off.

Integration between Time & Attendance, Scheduling and Absence Management functions provides managers with instant visibility of staffing levels at any one time and enables them to look ahead and plan staffing levels against predicted workloads with greater accuracy.

Accurate planning of staff schedules ensures staff holidays don’t have a detrimental impact overall business performance.

The latest systems provide managers with the tools to better utilise their staff resource and skills during high levels of absenteeism.

Self – Service

Self-service functions enable employees to manage their own working time and plan annual leave by determining their holiday entitlement and submit direct requests via the system which managers can accept or decline.

By making staff accountable for their own working time and leave requests, workers are likely to be more motivated and productive in their roles leading to increased staff retention.




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