Efficient cost control and shift management is the key to running a profitable business in the hospitality sector.

Used by hotels, restaurants and leisure clubs, Vanquish simplifies the planning and administration of your staff time so you can consistently deliver the best customer service possible, whilst keeping your costs in line with revenue.

It provides the tools needed to schedule complex shift patterns and delivers real-time visibility, so you can ensure your business is always appropriately staffed with the right skilled people.

With complete visibility of your operations you can drive workforce productivity, reduce absences, control labour costs and improve payroll accuracy, all while delivering excellent service that enhances your reputation and results in happy loyal customers.

Vanquish will help you control costs and deliver excellent customer service through –

  • Real-time verification of ‘actual’ worked hours
  • Elimination of time theft and buddy punching
  • Streamlined administration. Reduced calculation errors.
  • Efficient management of a multi-skilled workforce.
  • Accurate alignment of staff for quiet / peak periods
  • Forecasting for events / seasonal fluctuations
  • Accurate cost calculations per shift / department
  • Real-time absence and lateness alerts
  • Automated management of breaks, leave and holidays
  • Reduced absence, overtime and agency costs
  • Efficient payroll links


Just a few of the benefits…


   Goodbye timesheets

Verify the working time and movements of your entire workforce using multiple data capture methods; biometric, swipe card, proximity terminals and smartphones.

  Optimise rosters

Never suffer staff shortfalls. Use data to plan shifts around staff availability, holidays, skills and business fluctuations. Plan rotas to revenue and reduce cost wastage caused by overstaffing and overtime.

 Real-time absence alerts

Maintain optimum staffing levels at all times by responding to lateness, sickness and unauthorised absences immediately.


Save management time by empowering staff to make themselves available for jobs, swap shifts with colleagues and take control of their own working time

  Enforce compliance

Account for staff working time and enforce compliance to employment regulations, such as the Working Time Directive.

Payroll accuracy

Consistently attribute the correct pay rates to ensure all staff are paid accurately for their actual working hours. Integrates seamlessly with Payroll and HR systems.

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