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Transparency of workforce activity and associated costs is vital for logistics providers to maximise profitability and deliver an efficient supply chain.

Vanquish provides the tools needed to accurately plan and verify the movements of a large permanent, temporary and mobile workforce in order to deliver an efficient and agile 24/7 operation.

With greater control and visibility of what’s happening across the entire supply chain you are better equipped to make smart operational decisions that will help you drive workforce productivity, improve payroll accuracy, maintain compliance and deliver excellent service levels at profitable prices – all whilst benefitting from a reduction in administration.

Vanquish will help you transform your service delivery through –

  • Real-time verification of ‘actual’ worked hours by drivers and warehouse staff
  • Elimination of time theft and buddy punching
  • Streamlined administration. Reduced calculation errors.
  • Optimisation of staff rosters to meet demand
  • Management of labour costs to contract budget
  • Enforced compliance with union rules, Working Time Directive, Drivers Hours regulations and Health and Safety regulations.
  • Reduced absence, overtime and agency costs
  • Training & Accreditation management
  • Automatic calculation and administration of multiple pay rates


Just a few of the benefits…


   Total workforce visibility

Verify the working time and movements of your entire workforce using multiple data capture methods; biometric, swipe card, proximity terminals and smartphones.

  No manual timesheets

Save time spent reconciling manual timesheets. Reduce errors caused by data duplication and time fraud.

 Optimise staff schedules

Automate the planning and management of multiple shift patterns. Deploy staff according to their skillset, availability, qualifications and mandatory rest periods between shifts

  Minimise compliance risk

Avoid penalties and fines by tracking driver licenses and certifications. Demonstrate compliance to union rules and employment requirements; Working Time Directive, Drivers Hours regulations and Health and Safety regulations.

  Payroll Accuracy

Accurately calculate and administer multiple pay rates for loading /unloading goods, driving time and “downtime” experienced by drivers.

Increase profits

Check where money is spent with a cost overview. Plan and manage your workforce against contract requirements to boost profitability and enhance service delivery.

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