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Following 20 years of working in close collaboration with some of the UK’s leading cleaning contractors, Christian Berenger from Auto Time Solutions draws on his experience to provide a valuable insight into how  integrated time and attendance systems can help contractors operate profitably within tight margins.

Intense competition for contracts combined with higher expectations from customers means contractors are under pressure to improve operational efficiency. But constrained by tight margins, maximising profitability is no easy task.

With business success ultimately defined by staff performance, the key to optimising service levels and driving down costs is improving the efficiency of remote workers.

Sounds simple in theory. But with cleaning operative required to attend more than one site per shift, paid more than one rate and required to cover last minute colleague absences, the management challenges are endless.

Enhanced profits through transparency

Time and Attendance systems, developed in collaboration with the cleaning industry, provides contractors with the transparency they require to operate profitably without compromising service.

Centralised management enables front-line managers to determine the ‘actual’ hours worked by staff.

Proof of attendance means contractors can consistently fulfil contracts to strict budgets, guarantee to customers that contracted hours have been fulfilled and bill them accurately based on reliable data.

Instant visibility of what’s happening on client sites enables contractors to maximise productivity by recording time spent completing specific jobs and cover unplanned absences before they impact client relations.

Contractors can account for staff movements at all times, demonstrate their compliance to Health & Safety regulations and assure front line workers that their movements are being monitored so they no longer feel isolated in their role.

Third Party Interface

The return from any investment in time and attendance is heightened when seamlessly interfaced with major contract management systems such as Templa CMS and payroll software to create a comprehensive end-to-end contract solution.

Sharing time and attendance data between key business processes means contractors can consolidate many areas directly influenced by staff attendance such as invoicing, budget analysis, payroll and KPI analysis in one central database.

This provides full transparency of contracts backed-up by a full audit trail of information which can be utilised to drive quality performance.

Cost savings are achieved in the payroll process as staff are paid correctly for the hours worked, pay rates are applied with consistency and valuable administration is released to focus on other core areas.

In an industry that employs a large hourly-paid workforce, payroll accuracy can positively impact job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover.

Time to invest?

When looking to appoint a cleaning contractor, customers are not just looking for the cheapest option, but added value from a partner they can trust.

With operating margins continuing to be squeezed it is imperative that contractors evaluate their management systems and explore how time and attendance can stimulate future growth.

Failure to do so can leave contractors at risk of missing out on new business opportunities or worse still failing to retain existing clients.

This begs the question, can you afford to ignore time and attendance?

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