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A new survey by Redshift Research on behalf of Bond HR & Payroll Software has revealed that nearly half of all HR enquiries are related to payroll, preventing valuable time of qualified staff from being focused on other areas.

The survey of 1000 employees in UK Organisation with over 250 members, found that 43% of HR enquiries were caused by payslips, the majority (86%) or which were HMRC or tax-code related, or due to payroll errors.

Nearly half of employees (43%) had to wait over two working days for a response.

Managing Director at Bond HR & Payroll Software Roger Moore questioned whether payslips made effective use of managerial time, especially as they have other core issues such as employee wellbeing, staff retention and development to focus on.

The survey found that 88% of employees use an online portal to access HR and payroll information. Despite this, 40% of staff who work on-site can only access information when they are at their place of work, while 15% find it very difficult to access their portals and 7% have no access to them at all.

Automated payroll through integration

To reduce payroll discrepancies and enquiries, organisations need to better understand how integrated workforce management technology can automate and streamline back office processes, such as payroll.

Accurate collation of staff attendance data ensures staff are paid accurately for the actual hours they spend at work, with pay rates for also applied correctly according to their contract arrangements and employment regulations.

This reduces the administration burden on HR and payroll staff, typically spent calculating manual paper-based timesheets, releasing their time to focus on other core business functions.

Seamless integration with payroll software, such as Sage and Pegasus, automates the process even further. Time & Attendance data can be exported directly into payroll, preventing errors caused by duplicating data in two separate systems and indecipherable handwriting.

Self-service functions empower workers to view their own personal records, download their payslips and requests direct to their line manager. The latest systems are cloud-based, meaning staff can enjoy anytime, anywhere access to the software, thus increasing their engagement.


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