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New research in the Labour Market Outlook by the CIPD has concluded that staff productivity is central to future salary increases.

The research revealed that only two-fifths of employers had conducted a review of salaries since the start of 2014, with the proportion even higher in the private sector (51 per cent).

Just two per cent of employers reported a significant increase in starting salaries with over ten per cent planning another pay freeze for the forthcoming year.

The report cites productivity as a key stepping stone to increased salaries.

The figures showed that output per hour worked is still around four per cent lower than its pre-recession level.

Mark Beatson, chief economist at the CIPD, said that the UK economy is currently witnessing a jobs growth but this needs to be accompanied by productivity growth for workers to feel the benefits too.

Investing in a time and attendance system is a cost-effective way for organisations boost productivity in their workplace whilst reducing costs and achieving payroll savings.

The latest systems, such as Auto Time Vanquish, enable managers to schedule staff rosters according to forecasted demands, track staff absences and analyse staff data in real-time to enhance overall productivity levels.

By centralising the management of staff attendance and providing in-depth labour analytics, managers can make instant business decisions based on accurate information.

The latest systems enable users to introduce Key Performance Indicators so you can constantly measure your performance against productivity goals and identify the business impact of staff time management in relation to profit margin, job costs, payroll accuracy, absence rates and lost time.

Increased staff productivity brings many benefits to both employers and employees, including staff retention, reduced absences and a more engaged workforce.

Productivity is central to business performance and can lead to increased salaries too!

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