Finance Options

Vanquish Integrated People Solutions offers many ownership options to its customer base so you can purchase your solution according to your needs.

Outright Purchase

Outright Purchase allows you the benefit of having the system immediately without the need for any funding support through Auto Time.

We currently provide a number of options dependent on your requirements and credit rating. Call us for more information.

Auto Time accept payment by cheque / Direct transfer / Credit Card.


Auto Time, with the support of Academy Leasing, is able to supply its solutions on a lease rental basis.

The benefits of leasing your solution rather than purchasing outright are –


  • Preserve your cash flow – with leasing you need only a minimal initial investment to get the equipment you need, and you can comfortably spread your payments out over a period of time (typical 36 or 60 month contracts). This allows you preserve your working capital for the operation and growth of your business.
  • Maintain your credit – choosing to lease your equipment allows you to keep your available credit line open for operations and short-term financing.
  • Increase flexibility – your equipment needs will grow and change along with your business. With equipment leasing, you have the option to take on additional equipment or upgrade the equipment you currently possess.
  • Tax benefits – take advantage of tax savings as all payments made against a lease are 100% tax efficient. This makes leasing a cost positive ownership model


Example Calculation

Equipment Value: £20,000

Lease Term: 3 YEARS

35 Monthly Payments of £640.01

Total Repayable: £23,040.37

Tax Relief: £4,608.07



The tax relief shown is for illustration purposes only and based on tax relief at 20%. Please contact your accountant or tax advisor for information on your business tax allowances. All payments shown are subject to VAT at relevant rate


  • Easy approval – avoid the strict requirements and long wait associated with traditional financing at the bank. Our simple application takes only a few minutes to complete and your application can be approved within 24 hours.