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Effective use of time and attendance is critical to administering and tracking new rules surrounding Shared Parental Leave arrangements.

On 5th April new legislation came into force making it possible for couples with babies due or children placed for adoption to share their parental leave.

Historically mums were entitled to up to 52 weeks maternity leave, of which 39 weeks are paid, whilst their partners were only entitled to two weeks paternity leave.

But changes to the law mean that going forward mums will have the option to end their maternity leave early after the first two weeks and return to work.

The remaining 50 weeks can then be shared however the couple wish as Shared Parental Leave, of which 37 weeks are paid as Statutory Shared Parental Pay.

Unlike maternity leave, employees have the flexibility to stop and start their leave.

Automation through integration

Administering changes brought about by the flexibility of new Shared Parental Leave rules will not come easy, but enhancing existing payroll or HR software with time and attendance can release the administration burden involved.

Time and Attendance can help administer Shared Parental Leave rules and manage the entire process; from initial request and approval through to their subsequent return to work.

Managers can allocate leave, track the duration of the parental leave, meet compliance obligations and store related documents centrally.

Integration with critical business systems is key as it enables the data to be shared internally to automate and streamline processes.

Effective planning for Shared Parental Leave enables managers to better accommodate new requests, assess its impact on the overall business and cover planned absences to maintain productivity levels.

Whilst employees are required to make a request 8 weeks’ in advance, time and attendance software also provides managers with the tools required for managers to react in the event of a baby being born prematurely, and implement Shared Parental Leave with immediate effect.

Streamlined payroll

Accurate administration of Shared Parental Leave extends to the payroll process. Integration with payroll software means pay rates can be modified and applied correctly so that staff are paid accurately for the time they take off.



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