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The employment of permanent employees has dropped down to its lowest rate in 18 months, a new survey from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation has revealed.

But at the same time employers are hiring more temporary staff which has resulted in starting salaries rising faster than their historic rate in many industry sectors due to a key skills shortage.

The trend towards temps

The stalling growth of permanent workers has been blamed on the fact that there is a lack of available candidates in several sectors, which is forcing many employers to turn to recruitment agencies to plug skills gaps.

The trend towards recruiting temporary workers has led to a growing adoption of time and attendance technology by agencies to efficiently manage staff time and deliver transparency of recruitment costs.

Reducing recruitment costs

Today’s time and attendance systems enable agencies to create a full auditable end-to-end recruitment process, from which clients can track staff performance throughout the duration of each contract.

Integration with costing functions provides transparency of recruitment costs, enabling clients to manage staffing budgets on a daily basis and calculate invoiced hours before the bill arrives.

Time and attendance for KPI analysis also allows agencies to strategically support clients by measuring staff performance against metrics such as cost-per-hire, time-to-productivity, attrition rates, absence rates and job costs in real-time.

Efficient use of time and attendance ensures staff performance is always aligned to business goals and objectives.

Collation of accurate attendance data also helps to streamline the payroll process, reduce administration time and eradicate errors caused by manual calculations.

This brings benefits to the employees too as they are guaranteed to be paid accurately for the time they have spent at work.


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