Flexible working is proven to improve staff productivity and wellbeing. But managing today’s flexible workforce is almost impossible with a paper-based system.

Vanquish Flexitime enables you to introduce flexible working patterns with confidence and simplifies the administration involved in managing a flexible workforce.

With real-time access to data stored in a secure data centre, you can gain instant visibility of your workforce regardless of when and where employees are carrying out their day-to-day work.

Greater transparency allows managers to consider individual flexible working requests like never before by measuring the impact on the business and improving staff work-life balance.

Once approved, you can apply working rules and tolerances to individual records with alert triggers to highlight any anomalies.

Self-Service functions empower employees to view their own work schedules, assign working time against specific jobs and make requests direct to their line managers in much the same way as if they were in the office.


Just a few of the benefits…


   Be Flexible

Introduce flexible working patterns with confidence and incorporate rules, schedules and tolerance trigger points according to your business policies

  Reduced Admin

Simplify the management of complex work rules patterns – homeworking, job sharing, part time, compressed hours, annualised hours, staggered hours

  Yes or No!

Measure what impact new requests will have on your business before accepting or declining


Empower staff to manage their own time and flexitime balances to improve work-life balance

anywhere2  Real-Time Access

Monitor your workforce anytime, anywhere with on-demand access to audited data

  Accurate Payroll

Apply pay rates for flexible patterns such as part-time, job share, pro-rata etc with accuracy

A single platform for managing your workforce

Vanquish can be integrated with modules for Time & Attendance, Rostering, Absence Management, Flexitime, Reporting, Access Control, Intranet, Job Costing and HR to create system that’s ready to deliver immediate results.

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