Job Costing

To gain a competitive edge in today’s working environment you need to keep track of costs at all times to maximise profitability.

Vanquish Job Costing provides detailed analysis of your operating costs by measuring the time spent carrying out specific tasks and operations within a project.

Employees can “register” their production or administration time spent on an individual task via the shop floor terminals (PIN, Card, Touch screen or Barcode) or Intranet Module.

Login whenever you want and enjoy live visibility of job progression – track your team’s performance, see how many hours a job is taking compared to the estimate, see where profit is made and lost and bring overrunning projects back on track before it impacts your bottom line.

With real-time management of your job costs you can drive your profits on the go. You will never underestimate your costs again and your invoices will always be accurate.


Just a few of the benefits…


   ‘Live’ Job Progress

Login to Vanquish whenever you want and enjoy live visibility of job progression.

  Stay in Control

Streamline workflow, keep track of your costs and bring overrunning projects back on track with alert notifications.

  Improve Profits

Never underestimate costs again. Identify loss-making contracts and make them profitable again.

  Actionable Reporting

Run an Actual to Budget analysis. Determine where you are hitting your profit margins. Measure costs by employee, job or department.

  Accurate Quotes

Base future quotes and costs on historical projects. Meet your labour budget, goals and benchmarks every time.

  System Integration

Connects with existing systems, such as invoicing and payroll, for reduced data duplication.

A single platform for managing your workforce

Vanquish can be integrated with modules for Time & Attendance, Rostering, Absence Management, Flexitime, Reporting, Access Control, Intranet, Job Costing and HR to create a system that’s ready to deliver immediate results.

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