Your performance and profitability is directly linked to the productivity of your workforce.

Vanquish brings your workforce data to life and turns it into actions, so you can react immediately with real-time business decisions based on accurate data rather than guesswork.

With instant 24/7 access to your data stored and protected in our data centre you can find key information about your business and generate compelling real-time reports at a moment’s notice.

Create analytical reports in seconds by choosing from a comprehensive suite of 116 report templates. Alternatively, create your own customised report style. Simply extract the fields you want and display it how you like, whenever you like.

Whether you want a snapshot of your business or detailed intelligence, with real-time data Vanquish doesn’t just tell you what happened.

It shows you why it happened and what’s going to happen so you can proactively run your business, achieve cost savings, make better informed decisions and reach your goals quicker.


Just a few of the benefits…


   Stay on Top

Forecast future labour costs using a historical data trail of attendance.

  Easy, Fast & Flexible

Use your data, your way. Choose from a comprehensive suite of templates or customised options.

  Who? What? Why?

Run your business like never before with total transparency of your workforce for better informed decisions.


Analyse workforce trends, identify the root cause of issues and take action immediately.

  Reports on the Run

Gain valuable business insights at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

 Secure Storage

Store important reports. Create csv and Excel documents ready for export and share via email and SMS.

A single platform for managing your workforce

Vanquish can be integrated with modules for Time & Attendance, Rostering, Absence Management, Flexitime, Reporting, Access Control, Intranet, Job Costing and HR to create a system that’s ready to deliver immediate results.

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