Time & Attendance

Sick of calculating manual timesheets? Get rid of them once and for all.

Vanquish Anywhere takes care of the often complicated tasks involved in the management of your workforce – including complex working patterns, temporary staff, high staff turnovers and remote staff across multiple sites.

– Data entry is simplified to a simple click of a button, swipe of the hand or call to a dedicated telephone number and transferred to our data centre as it is collected.

– Keep pace with your business with accurate data right in the palm of your hand so you can see, plan, and manage employee time wherever and whenever you want.

– Need to see what time your team started this morning? Want to know who’s off work on Friday? With on-demand access to a complete audit trail of data you can make real –time management decisions that will transform your business.

– Control labour costs, improve staff productivity, reduce the administration spent dealing with employee inquiries and streamline the payroll process with total compliance.

  • Anytime / Anywhere Workforce Management
  • Temporary / Remote Workforce Attendance
  • Telephony Attendance

A single platform for managing your workforce

Vanquish Anywhere can be integrated with modules for Time & Attendance, Rostering, Absence Management, Flexitime, Report Designer, Access Control, Intranet, Job Costing and HR to create a system that’s ready to deliver immediate results.

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