Vanquish Hardware

Vanquish is highly flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of hardware options to provide a comprehensive workforce management solution customised to your business needs and specific working rules.

Traditional Time & Attendance – Key fob, magnetic stripe and proximity
Vanquish is compatible with traditional forms of clocking terminals including key fob, magnetic stripe and proximity methods.

  • Provides a simple clocking in process to record start and finish times
  • Easily introduced to a worker’s daily routine times

Biometric Time & Attendance

Biometric terminals including handscan, fingerprint and facial recognition utilise an individual’s unique features to positively verify staff attendance. This guarantees that each worker is who they say they are.

  • Greater level of security
  • Fast and accurate data capture
  • Reduced threat of buddy punching
  • Reduce costs associated with replacing lost cards and fobs.

The biometric terminals utilise GPRS technology so can be installed as a standalone solution or as part of a network.

Web-based Time & Attendance

As a web-based solution Vanquish enables workers to verify their attendance and access their own personal records from any web-enabled device such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

  • Flexible and easily scalable
  • Accurate data collection
  • Facilitates flexible working patterns / remote workers and homeworkers
  • Empower staff to manage their own time

Mobile Time & Attendance

Vanquish can transform any modern smartphone or tablet device into a powerful workforce management tool, enabling employees to clock in or out and verify their location from a downloadable app.

  • Accurately monitor mobile workers
  • Centralise geographically disparate sites

Landline Time & Attendance – Telecheck

Vanquish can also be configured to capture employees Time & Attendance data using standard landline telephones. When confirming their attendance staff simply register their unique PIN number and the system automatically verifies their location.

  • Perfect alternative for temporary locations
  • No access to network infrastructure required