Vanquish Software Solutions


Vanquish Web

In business environments where capturing attendance data is imperative but where an IT infrastructure isn’t available for conventional data capture, Vanquish can be installed as a standalone solution that operates completely autonomously from your or your clients’ IT network.

The wireless system operates using robust M2M (Machine to Machine) technology which utilises a unique GPRS/3G modem linked to a mobile network to securely capture attendance data from any location without the restriction of an IT infrastructure.

Vanquish Network

By utilising conventional LAN or WAN infrastructures, employee attendance data can be captured in real-time with hardware installed and configured to your IP address.

The main software application enables the compilation of a robust and scalable SQL database allowing multiple instances for data segregation.

The software is instantly accessible, enabling managers to gain an immediate overview of the entire workforce on demand.

With no restrictions on the amount of administrators or hardware units, Vanquish Network provides a very cost effective and scalable solution.

Vanquish Telecheck

Vanquish Telecheck has been developed for business environments where the installation of a clocking terminal or networked solution is impractical.

Telecheck utilises conventional landline phones to capture employee start and finish times as proof of attendance, and is perfect for working environments where workers are working alone and/or at remote locations.

Employees register their attendance at site using a unique PIN and the software automatically verifies the CLI (calling Line identifier) to confirm the employee is calling from the specified location.

Vanquish Mobile

In a similar guise to Vanquish Telecheck – employee attendance data can be captured from any GPRS enabled phone.

Individuals register their attendance by calling a designated server and entering their unique PIN which enables the software to verify their identification.

Supervisors have the ability to register the attendance of multiple individuals in a single action.

Where the geographical location needs to be verified the triangulated coordinates of the user’s phone can be captured and displayed to nominated managers.