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Remote workers believe they more productive at home than in the office although a stigma still exists in the workplace amongst colleagues.

The Global Evolving Workplace study of almost 5,000 companies worldwide found that one-third of employees believe colleagues working from home are less productive, compared to just 16% who think their output increases.

Of those working from home, half of remote workers believe they are more productive than in the office, 36% believe they are equally as productive at home as in the office, and only 14% say less productive.

In the survey 30 percent said they slept better as a result of working remotely, 40 percent drove less as they spent more time at home and 46% felt less stressed in their job.

Benefits of Remote Workers

Allowing staff to work from home or in a way that suits them enables employees to build their working time around their lifestyle and commitments.

Organisations also achieve tangible benefits from offering flexible working too. Improved staff morale leads to enhanced staff productivity whilst enabling employers to attract the best talent from a wider pool.

Investing in the right management technology is critical to unearthing the benefits of remote workers and ensuring staff performance remains aligned to business objectives.

Remote time and attendance systems provide employers with confidence to be increasingly flexible with their workforce and enable them to determine what impact new requests will have on the business.

Enhanced performance through integration

Although there is an element of trust involved when accepting remote working requests, time and attendance systems enable managers to maintain control and measure remote worker activity against business outputs.

Today’s systems can be integrated with key business functions so that managers can analyse staff data against specific jobs and projects to determine how their productivity impacts overall business performance.

This ensures remote workers are treated in the same way as office based staff and can be motivated and disciplined in much the same way too.





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