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The summer holiday season is now in full swing.

As I write this organisations up and down the country are currently having to cope with a skeleton workforce, compounded by the fact many employees want to take the same weeks off in August to coincide with the school break.

That got me thinking… Just how many business owners actually forecasted the impact of the summer holidays on their business? Or did you just blindly approve them?

Summer holiday requests can be a real administrative headache to deal with. But they needn’t be if you plan, plan, plan!

What’s the problem?

Absences of all kinds can impact your business. But for organisations operating across multiple sites and within tight profit margins it can seriously effect your service delivery and bottom line if not managed properly, leaving you open to paying overtime or, worse still, paying temporary workers to plug the gaps.

Addressing the issue with workforce management

Workforce management solutions, like Vanquish, consolidate staff holiday planning and management into one simple process and provide the tools necessary to –

  • Apply holiday entitlements to employee records
  • Empower employees to view holiday information –  days taken, days remaining, flexitime balance etc
  • Analyse audited data to predict staffing requirements during popular holiday periods
  • Forecast the impact of holiday requests on your business
  • Identify clashes, shortages and potential issues with upcoming staff holidays and absence
  • Plan future staffing levels around holiday requests and staff availability
  • Authorise / Decline requests at the touch of a buttons

So, what are the benefits?

Firstly, managing holiday policies with consistency creates a fair and transparent system for all employees. A structured booking process prevents managers from having to make subjective calls about who can and cannot take their leave.

This is supported by self-service functions which provide employees with the flexibility to manage their own time. With greater visibility of when their colleagues are planning to take time off work, staff can make better informed decisions about when to take their summer holiday, choosing dates that are more likely to be approved and won’t clash with other people in a similar role to themselves.

For managers, greater transparency of summer holiday entitlements allows you to identify people building up large amounts of unused leave which could cause staffing shortages in the future. Encouraging employees to use some of their leave balance rather than building it up can help you avoid the risk of being left shortstaffed.

Furthermore, you can plan staffing levels around your workflow, accommodating peaks and troughs in demand to ensuring the company has adequate cover and maintains optimum staffing levels at all times to sustain productivity.

With so many absences during the summer to contend with, there’s an increased pressure on HR teams.

If you’re suffering from a staff shortage right now, whilst countless employees are sunbathing on a beach somewhere, ask yourself why? The chances are it could have been avoided with better planning!








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