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In the quarter leading to February 2015, the number of temporary workers in the UK increased by 7,000, according to figures by the Office for National Statistics.

The findings revealed that the number of temporary workers rose from 1,679,000 to 1,686,000, with the unemployment rate now at its lowest level since July 2008.

The growth of employing temporary workers shows no sign of slowing down with employers valuing the flexibility and access to key skills provided by short-term contracts.

But to profit from the increase in temporary workers, recruiters need to consider how workforce management solutions, such as Vanquish Recruit, can add value to service level agreements and help clients get the most from their temporary recruitment spend.

In a ‘people industry’, where agencies are responsible for staff performance, it continues to amaze us here at Auto Time how many agencies rely on outdated methods to monitor the workforce or simply don’t bother!

At Auto Time Solutions we have developed Vanquish Recruit in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, so it is ready to bring immediate benefits to your business.

Here are 10 ways that Vanquish Recruit will improve the recruitment process and bring mutual benefits to both recruiters and clients.

True end-to-end recruitment cycle – Vanquish Recruit enables you to automate the entire recruitment lifecycle of candidates – from the initial interviewing and onboarding stage through to their placement on site, payroll and invoicing. Complete automation ensures the cycle is 100% accurate so you can make informed business decisions every time.

Simplified clocking process – Replacing outdated manual timesheets with Vanquish Recruit simplifies the clocking process for candidates, enabling them to clock-in in seconds and get on with the job they are employed to do, eliminating errors caused by poor handwriting and the language barrier.

‘Live’ audit trail – Accurate attendance data is the first step to improving productivity and tackling the impact of absenteeism. A full audit trail of attendance data provides complete visibility so you can demonstrate that service level agreements have been fulfilled by verifying the ‘actual hours’ worked by temps and tackling absences immediately.

Don’t underestimate the impact of absences! If you employed a temporary worker with a specific skill set to carry out an urgent job but they failed to turn up, how would this impact your project deadline?

Centralised Management – Vanquish Recruit is a web-based portal empowering agencies to monitor multiple client contracts from a single application, providing full transparency and consistent management of the entire workforce spread across various locations. You can manage your workforce anytime, anywhere with accurate data readily available at your fingertips!

Improved security – integration with biometric terminals enables you to guarantee to clients that the person interviewed, registered and vetted by the agency is the same person that arrives on for work. Enrolling applicants within Vanquish Recruit at the same time as ID verification checks are carried out will empower you to quickly establish whether or not the prospective employee has a ‘Right to Work’ in the UK and prevent illegal workers from progressing further with their application.

Minimise compliance risk –As a recruiter you are fully accountable for the compliance of the workers you supply. With heavy penalties in place, can you afford to pay lip service to compliance?

Vanquish Recruit provides a full audit trail of data so you can assume full responsibility for workforce compliance and remain on the right side of employment regulations, such as AWR, Working Time Directive and migrant workforce legislation.

Cost Savings – Automating key administrative tasks removes the time spent manually collecting, managing and calculating workforce data, and helps to eradicate errors caused by admin mistakes or time fraud which can result in overpayments and higher than forecasted agency costs.

Achieving better attendance rates will mean clients benefit from reduced turnover rates so they aren’t constantly bogged down by re-training new employees.

Promotes strategic decision-making –Rather than spending time on mundane wouldn’t your time be better focussed on strategic issues such as KPI management, recruitment campaigns, strengthening candidate quality, retention techniques and staff training? The ability of Vanquish Recruit to integrate with HR and recruitment software takes care of all the back-end stuff for you and removes the time spent populating third party software.

Invoice and payroll consolidation – With all calculations based on documented evidence, workers are guaranteed to be paid accurately and the client receives verification of ‘actual’ hours worked. Providing complete transparency of your recruitment fees to clients will enable them to budget for future staffing requirements.

Win ‘New Business’ – put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client. If you were looking to partner with a recruiter, which supplier would you choose? One that is unable to verify the hours carried out by staff  or one that has a 99% attendance record, has a track record of enhancing staff productivity and is able to consistently sustain this throughout your contract with an efficient management system? Vanquish Recruit can make the difference.







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