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The trend for businesses turning to temporary workers shows no signs of slowing down.

The monthly JobsOutlook report by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has found that 79% of employers continue to use agency workers to plug skills gaps on a short-term basis.

REC chief executive Kevin Green believes the trend for temporary workers is continuing due to the difficulty for many organisations to find permanent staff with the skills they need to support future growth.

This comes despite the report revealing that 89% of employers planned to increase their permanent staff in the coming months and 78% planning to do so in the coming year.

“There is some great news here for our industry as recruiters continue to successfully adapt to the challenge of skills shortages, with more than nine out of 10 employers reporting they are satisfied with the quality of candidates they are being provided by recruiters.”

With organisations increasingly turning to recruitment agencies to source temporary workers, it is important for agencies deliver transparencies from their service and add value to their contracts wherever possible.

Vanquish Recruit provides agencies with the tools they need to take all of responsibility for staff related issues away from the client so they can focus on their own business.

Vanquish automates the management of temporary workers on client sites and creates a fully audited process that delivers accurate payroll and invoices costs to clients as well as compliance to employment regulations.

Accurate attendance data can be treated as meaningful intelligence and can be utilised to measure Key Performance Indicators to enhance client business efficiency.

Issues such as staff turnover, cost per hire, attrition rates, job fill rates are all determined by the productivity and punctuality of temporary workers so it is critical to have the functionality to accurately manage staff time.

Tracking metrics applied to temporary workers, employment providers can help clients build a clearer picture of their performance, measure the impact of recruitment costs against output and make informed decisions towards strategic goals.

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