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Auto Time Solutions has heightened the capability of its Vanquish time and attendance solution with the introduction of a new application, Terminal Manager, to enable organisations to host a time and attendance solution totally independently from their network.

Vanquish Terminal Manager is a supporting application to Auto time powerful workforce management solution ‘ Vanquish’. The Terminal Manager application places zero demands on a client’s network infrastructure, with all attendance data securely stored at a remote data centre hosted by Auto Time.

The system has been developed in close collaboration with customers looking for a highly accurate time and attendance system but with limited capacity to host it on their site.

The Terminal Manager application is an effective solution for organisations looking to overcome the problem of gathering accurate attendance data in unique industries where the workplace itself is physically moving.

Terminal Manager utilises conventional LAN or WAN enabled hardware and standard network infrastructures to communicate collated data with the remote data centre, where all data is stored and then transferred to the client software at pre-set times.

Managing moving sites

The system is anticipated to be a successful solution for the transportation industry and is currently undergoing a trial with a leading ferry operator, which has deployed the system on its fleet of ferries to gather critical employee attendance data whilst ‘out at sea’.

When employees working on the fleet of ferries register their attendance, the data is stored in the system and transferred to a secure server immediately when the ferry enters a port.

The biometric system will deliver significant benefits for the operator, including reducing the scope for human error in the time and attendance process and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Future-proofing Vanquish 

“Our industry experience has taught us that no two businesses are the same and that every organisation has unique management challenges to overcome,” says Christian Berenger, Business Development Director at Auto Time Solutions.

“By using the latest cloud communication technology, our in-house development team has been able to broaden the capabilities of Vanquish to create a complete standalone solution to help organisations overcome the unique industry challenge of gaining meaningful attendance data even in the unique scenario of the workplace moving.”

“Vanquish Terminal Manager is a great addition to the system and will help to futureproof the product.”

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