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The British Safety Council has launched a campaign urging employers to pay extra attention to the safety of summer temps.

Summer jobs are a great way for young people to gain valuable experience, develop their core skills and develop the skills they need for their working careers.

But the BSC is warning employers that summer temps are much more likely to suffer workforce accidents in the first few weeks of starting a job than any other time in the job.

More than just Communication

The Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign highlights to employers the main risks that summer temps face when starting a new job and says good communication between workers and employers is essential.

To improve the safety of their workforce, employers should also evaluate the management systems they have in place to monitor the attendance or summer temps.

By using a time and attendance system organisations can demonstrate their duty of care and compliance to health and safety regulations by receiving confirmation that workers have turned up to client sites on time for their shift.

Errors caused by manual timesheets

Replacing manual timesheets with a modern time and attendance system instantly improves the working conditions of workers because managers can make informed business decisions based on reliable data.

In contrast manual timesheets are open to fraudulent activity and genuine mistakes, thereby compromising the safety of workers.

In the event of an accident on site managers know they can instantly access accurate time and attendance data and know for certain who was on site at any given time.

Seasonal demands

The great thing about the latest web-based solutions is that employees can easily be added or removed from the system, and so can accommodate industries that experience peaks and troughs in seasonal demands.

As well as improving the health and safety of workers, a more streamlined process also allows organisations to benefit from increased payroll accuracy and cost savings achieved by releasing administration time to key areas of the business.

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