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A new global study has revealed that employees value their happiness at work and balancing work with their home life more than their career progression and success.

The study carried out for Right Management found that work-life balance was a key factor to worker satisfaction for 55 per cent of respondents employed in Europe and 45 per cent worldwide.

Over a quarter of respondents defined their professional achievements in terms of how much they enjoyed their job and its flexibility to support their work-life balance.

In contrast, just 19 per cent thought their salary reflected their success, 18 per cent viewed it as doing the best possible work for their employer and 10 per cent viewed it in terms of their productivity.

The study found that people rank their work-life balance so highly that a third of respondents said they were prepared to change jobs because of it.

This is higher than the number of people (25 per cent) looking for a new challenge.

Staff retention

At a time when employers face increasing skills shortage and need to find ways to retain their key staff and create a more engaged workforce, the findings demonstrate that offering workers greater flexibility in terms of how and where they carry out their work could increase overall job satisfaction and productivity.

Mara Swan, Global Leader of Right Management, said the study highlighted the fact that employers must understand employee career motivations and aspirations to create a high performance culture that motivates individuals to do their best work.

Supporting employee work-life balance

To support their employees to achieve a better work-life balance, employers need to evaluate their internal management processes and consider how they can facility flexible working patterns.

Advances in technology have increased the functionality of modern workforce management solutions to support flexible and remote working practices by empowering staff to manage their own working time and improving communication with line managers.

The latest integrated ‘cloud’ systems support workers by enabling them to verify their attendance from any location using a web-enabled device, such as PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone, whilst providing managers with 24/7 access to workforce data.




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